How hydrogen effects on the human body

– on its healthcare benefits –

Hydrogen has recently attracted wide attention as a next-generation carbon-free energy.
And at the same time, Molecular Hydrogen (H2) is now recognized as a novel medically relevant gas with therapeutic potential.

Now let’s start from the very basic questions.
What is Hydrogen?
Why it is good for human body?

Research and Development on HYDROGEN THERAPY

Regarding the application of hydrogen therapy in medicine, various studies and experiments are currently underway.
To obtain formal medical certification, further statistical evidence through systematic clinical trials is necessary.
However, hydrogen gas inhalation therapy was certified as advanced medical type B in 2016 and is used as a supplementary medical approach in emergency medical situations already in Japan.
Moreover, in China, hydrogen gas inhalation therapy was introduced for pneumonia cases related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in 2020 and received medical device certification the following year.

Upon all these, numbers of therapeutic effects of molecular hydrogen have been confirmed by now after numerous clinical trials and animal-model-based experiments. These researches have expounded that the low molecular weight of hydrogen enables it to easily diffuse and permeate through the cell membranes to produce a variety of biological impacts on nearly all organs.

In today’s world, many people recognize hydrogen molecules as beneficial elements for the human body. It has become common in daily life for individuals to engage in body maintenance by inhaling hydrogen gas or drinking hydrogen water.

Doctors Man offers a diverse range of hydrogen-related healthcare products, catering to both professionals in the medical field for research and therapy, as well as individual users who can easily incorporate them into their daily lives.
On this page, we will provide an explanation of the characteristics of molecular hydrogen. By understanding the various benefits that hydrogen offers to the human body, we hope that you can effectively utilize hydrogen for your well-being.

Expected positive effect of Molecular Hydrogen (H2)

Expected Hydrogen Effects on the Human Body

  • Antioxidant effect
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Anti-aging effect
  • Reducing oxidative stress
  • Regulation of autophagy and cell death
  • Blood circulation improvement effect
  • Energy metabolism promoting effect
  • Lipid metabolism improving effect
  • Brain function improving effect
  • Insulin secretion promoting effect
  • Selective free radical scavenging ability
  • Ability to pass through the Blood-Brain Barrier

Therefore, effective against these symptoms and more!!

  • Reduces Fatigue / Insomnia / Constipation / Headache
  • Suppression of Cranial nerve disease (Dementia / Parkinson’s disease / Cerebral infarction)
  • Treatment and prevention of Inflammatory diseases such as sepsis, pancreatitis, respiratory disorders, autoimmune diseases, ischemia-reperfusion damages and more
  • Autoimmune diseases with chronic inflammation such as Rheumatoid Arthritis (reducing symptoms by rejecting hydroxyl radicals)
  • Relieving non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), causing hepatic dysfunction
  • Promising results on lifestyle-related indications including type-2 diabetes, obesity and exercise performance
  • Added to dialysate for hemodialysis patients (anti-inflammatory effect)
  • Reduces side effects of traditional anti-cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer patients
  • Prevention and symptom reduction of Myocardial Infarction and Lung disease
  • Alleviating symptoms of Asthma, Arteriosclerosis, Diabetes, Allergies, etc
  • Preservation of graft organs

In addition to these, research is progressing in hopes of curing or alleviating diseases for which there were no clear treatments until now.

Unique properties of Molecular Hydrogen (H2)
1. Anti-oxidant property

Just as metals oxidize and rust, human cells also age through oxidation.
“Anti-oxidant” refers to the ability to protect our bodies from oxidation, or the generation of active oxygen, which is the cause of aging and disease.
Various body disorders, diseases, and aging are caused by “oxidation of cells”.
This is because the “reactive oxygen” created in the body damages and oxidizes cells.
Therefore, it is necessary to actively ingest nutrients with antioxidant properties through daily meals to remove “active oxygen” from the body. Typical antioxidants include vitamins, minerals, enzymes, polyphenols, and carotenoids.
Yet some active oxygen species are free radicals that are harmful to the human body, and other useful ones are not. And most of antioxidants such as Vitamin C remove both useful and harmful ones.

Molecular Hydrogen has a unique “antioxidant effect”.
Among these antioxidants, hydrogen stands out for its ability to selectively remove harmful hydroxyl free radicals (・OH) and peroxynitrite anions (ONOO-) in the body without eliminating the so-called beneficial reactive oxygen species.
And it is bound to active oxygen (O) in the body to form water (H2O), which is then discharged outside the body as sweat or urine.

Image of Anti-oxidant property of Hydrogen
2. Hydrogen being the smallest element in the universe

Hydrogen (H) has the atomic number 1.
It is the smallest element made up of one proton and one electron.
Given the small relative molecular weight and lack of polarity, H2 can quickly penetrate the cell membrane and disperse to the cytoplasm, nucleus, and other organelles to play the biological role.
This property allows H2 to cross the Blood-Brain Barrier, which is impenetrable to other antioxidant compounds, and diffuse into the brain.
High molecule such as vitamins cannot cross blood brain barrier but the smaller hydrogen can.
This Hydrogen molecule diffuses through the brain, and prevent the brain from aging and oxidation.
And thus it is expected to be effective against many more diseases related to the brain.

How to absorb hydrogen effectively

By reading this article so far, we believe that you now have an understanding of the many beneficial characteristics and potential of hydrogen for our health maintenance.
The next issue is how effectively we can absorb hydrogen in our daily lives. There are several methods depending on the purpose. Please consider the following as a reference for more effective ways to intake hydrogen.

1. Drinking Hydrogen Water

Drinking hydrogen water is the most popular and convenient way for most people to intake hydrogen.
However, to generate high-concentration pure hydrogen water, it is essential to choose the appropriate equipment.
(Within our product lineup, there are also products that generate various hydrogen beverages other than water, such as tea or juice.)

When you drink hydrogen water, hydrogen is absorbed from the intestines and circulates throughout the body via the bloodstream. By orally ingesting it as a beverage, hydrogen is slowly absorbed into the body, allowing it to linger for an extended period.

Hydrogen Water Generator “Mariage”

2. Inhaling Hydrogen Gas

In the case of hydrogen inhalation, hydrogen gas is absorbed through the lungs and spreads throughout the entire body.
Generally, inhaling hydrogen gas is believed to be more effective for the lungs and brain compared to drinking hydrogen water. Therefore, our hydrogen gas inhalers are often used in hospitals and clinics for various treatments.

Hydrogen Gas Inhaler

Inhaling Hydrogen Gas
3. Direct uptake of hydrogen molecules : Hydrogen Bathing / Preservation of transplanted organs

It is also possible to incorporate hydrogen into the body from the surface using the diffusion properties of hydrogen. Hydrogen easily passes through the skin and spreads throughout the body via the bloodstream
Therefore, taking a bath with hydrogen-dissolved water can be one way to regularly introduce hydrogen into the body in everyday life.

Furthermore, leveraging the same properties, high-concentration hydrogen water generated by Doctors Man’s Hydrogen Injector DAYS is used for the preservation of transplant organs in multiple medical settings.

Hydrogen Gas Injector DAYS

Hydrogen Generator for bath : H2 Spahare

Product development based on accurate measurement – GAS CHROMATGRAPHY

Currently, there is a wide variety of hydrogen water products available in the market, and when searching on websites, there is a significant price difference among these products.
Buying a hydrogen water product just because it’s cheap, even if it doesn’t deliver the expected benefits, is pointless.
Therefore, it is crucial to check the performance of each machine and choose a more effective one based on its capabilities, rather than solely considering the price

To obtain the antioxidant benefits of hydrogen, it is necessary to choose a product that generates high-concentration hydrogen water. However, it seems that not all products accurately measure the concentration.
At various exhibitions, a simple performance of measuring concentration by checking the color change of a test solution can be observed.
Unfortunately, these test solutions often react with elements other than hydrogen, so the measurement results may not necessarily be accurate.

To ensure that all our customers drink genuine high-concentration hydrogen water and to conduct accurate and objective measurements, we have entrusted the measurements to an external organization, JHyPA (Japan Molecular Hydrogen Promotion Association).
The performance values of Doctor’s Man hydrogen water products are precisely measured using Gas Chromatography.

As for the Doctors Man Hydrogen Inhaler, we have carefully selected high-quality parts to produce a higher purity and safer hydrogen gas.
Furthermore, we have also collaborated with research projects at medical universities and similar institutions, where the product is actually used. To verify accuracy, we employ Gas Chromatography when measuring the hydrogen concentration also in the blood after inhalation.

JHyPA (Japan Molecular Hydrogen Promotion Association)

Accurate measurement of GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY by JHyPA
Image of accurate measuring method of hydrogen concentration using Gas Chromatography.

Hydrogen Concentration measurement by Gas Chromotography

  • Step-1. Take Hydrogen water into a beaker.
  • Step-2. Move it to a micro syringe.
  • Step-3. Insert 100ml of Hydrogen wtaer into a test tube.
  • Step-4. Shake the tetst tube for 10 sec and leave it for 1 minute.
  • Step-5. Remove 1μl of Hydrogen gas from the test tube.
  • Step-6. Insert into a measurement machine.
  • Step-7. Measuring (waves start appearing after 40 sec).
  • Step-8. Measurement result to be displayed after 4 minutes.
In conclusion : The outlook on Hydrogen and Doctors Man’s mission

The discovery that molecular hydrogen selectively removes harmful hydroxyl radicals among reactive oxygen species was made in 2007.
Although it has been only a relatively short time since various effects of hydrogen on the human body began to be anticipated, research has been actively pursued in multiple areas since then.
In Japan, it has even become utilized in advanced medical practices since 2016.
We expect that hydrogen will be used in even more diverse fields in the future.
Doctors Man will continue to collaborate with medical and research institutions, striving to develop and improve products that bring benefits to even more people.

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