Hydrogen Gas Inhaler

Hydrogen Gas Inhaler
Hydrogen Gas Inhaler
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The more direct effect of hydrogen is the inhalation of gas.
Doctors Man’s hydrogen gas inhaler is a revolutionary device
that can safely and continuously generate high-concentration
hydrogen. Anyone can easily inhale hydrogen gas with this.


99.999(Five-Nines) Hydrogen Purity
100% Titanium Electrolysis Cell (PEM)
Flow Rate : 250ml/min
24/7 continuous usage
No idle time to inhale hydrogen
User friendly interface
Medical : Clinical study conducted by Keio University

Hydrogen Gas Inhaler
Hydrogen Gas Inhaler
Hydrogen Gas Inhaler
Hydrogen Gas Inhaler
Sample applications:
  • Hosipitals and Clinics
  • Beauty salon
  • Fitness club / Gym
  • Office
Hydrogen Gas Inhalation is Effective against :
  • Recovery from fatigue / Insomnia / Constipation / Headache
  • Cranial nerve disease (Dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Cerebral infarction and more)
  • Myocardial infarction / Arteriosclerosis / Asthma / Diabetes / Allergy control
  • Cancer prevention/treatment

……..and MORE!!!

Why does hydrogen have such an effect?

Hydrogen has the following effects.

  • Antioxidant effect
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Allergy control
  • Cell death suppression effect
  • Energy metabolism promoting effect
  • Circulation improvement effect
  • Lipid metabolism improving effect
  • Brain function improving effect
  • Promotes insulin secretion
  • Cancer growth/metastasis inhibitory effect

Why does this work? The answer lies in the unique properties of hydrogen.

Why does this work? The answer lies in the unique properties of hydrogen.
Hydrogen is the smallest element in the universe

Hydrogen (H) has the atomic number 1. It is the smallest element made up of one proton and one electron.
The smallest element in the universe, “hydrogen,” is the source of all elements.

Antioxidant effect of hydrogen

Hydrogen gas (H2) has an “antioxidant effect”. Because H2 combines with oxygen (O) to become water (H20).
Various body disorders, diseases, and aging are largely caused by “oxidation of cells”. This is because the “reactive oxygen” created in the body damages and oxidizes cells.
Therefore, how to remove “active oxygen” from the body becomes a problem.
Hydroxyl radicals are extremely reactive radicals among active oxygen, and it is believed that most of the biological damage caused by active oxygen is due to hydroxyl radicals.
Some active oxygen species are free radicals that are harmful to the human body, and other useful ones are not.
Hydrogen gas has the property of decomposing only harmful free radicals. While on the other hand, other antioxidants such as Vitamin C will remove both useful and harmful ones.
Hydrogen (to be precise, hydrogen gas H2) has an antioxidant effect, and is bound to active oxygen (O) in the body to form water (H2O), which is then discharged outside the body as sweat or urine.

Antioxidant effect of hydrogen
Hydrogen, being the smallest molecule in the universe, reaches the brain and spreads throughout the body

High molecule such as vitamins cannot cross blood brain barrier but hydrogen can.
Highdrogen diffuses through brain , preventing brain aging and oxidation.

Product Comparison : the Best Hydrogen Choices for each application
Product Comparison : the Best Hydrogen Choices for each application

Hydrogen Inhaler is suitable for use at hospitals and clinics.
Inhaling pure hydrogen has the effect of refreshing the mind and body and preventing various diseases.

How to Inhale Hydrogen Gas
How to Inhale Hydrogen Gas

H2JI1 is a CE certified Hydrogen Gas Inhaler


Hydrogen Gas Inhaler : H2JI1
Cell-typeProton-Exchange Membrane (PEM) 100% Titanium
Max supply pressure700 Kpa
Flow rate250cc/min
Hydrogen Purity99.999+ (Five Nines!!)
Power Consumption140W
Rated voltageAC100-240V 50/60Hz
Installation environmentTemp : 15-30℃ / Humidity : 0-80%
Dimension (mm)W230 x D370 x H480
Weight13 kg
Water to useHigh-purity pure water
Scientific Evidence – H2J1 proven to satisfy the advanced medical level blood hydrogen concentration

On the Fitness Business website ( , Doctors Man’s new service for fitness clubs was introduced.
And the article explains scientific evidence of Inhaler H2J1 which was proven by medical researches.

Article header of Fitness Business website (Japanese)

Please refer English translation of the whole article.
It is explaining that the INHALER H2J1 is the world’s first machine to satisfy advanced medical level blood hydrogen concentration (2.5%) as an on-site hydrogen inhaler, while introducing Doctors Man’s new service with H2J1 for Fitness Club members.

English translation of the whole article – Fitness Business website

“Doctor’s Man has launched a service for fitness clubs with evidence-acquired Hydrogen Inhalers.”

Doctors Man’s on-site hydrogen inhaler [H2JI1] has scientifically proved to be the world’s first inhaler capable of increasing blood hydrogen concentration to 2.5%, advanced medical level.
And Doctors Man has launched a service to offer this INHALER for fitness clubs.

It has been proved in joint research with Keio University School of Medicine Hydrogen Gas Treatment Development Center that hydrogen inhalation with this inhaler H2JI1 can achieve a blood hydrogen concentration equal to or higher than that of advanced medical treatment, and it has also been published in the medical journal ELMER PRESS. By introducing a hydrogen inhaler that has been proven to be effective based on EBM (Evidence-based medicine), the company aim to further expand hydrogen services by providing opportunities for hydrogen fitness club members in addition to the daily intake of hydrogen water with a normal hydrogen water generator.

ELMER PRESS linksWebsite page ELMER PRESSPDF link for “Low-Flow Nasal Cannula Hydrogen Therapy”

Hydrogen gas inhalation by has attracted a lot of attention since the “hydrogen gas inhalation therapy” promoted by the Keio University Hydrogen Gas Treatment Development Center was registered in Advanced Medical B established by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in 2016. However, the bioconcentration and pharmacokinetics of commercially available products have not been proven.

In a joint study with the Hydrogen Gas Treatment Development Center of Keio University School of Medicine, Doctors Man proved that hydrogen inhalation using their Inhaler H2JI1 can increase the blood hydrogen concentration to 2.5%.

In response to this, the world’s first hydrogen gas pharmacokinetics of an on-site hydrogen inhaler was published in the medical journal ELMER PRESS.

Published paper concludes, “From the results of non-clinical and clinical studies, it was confirmed that the hydrogen concentration in arterial blood can be increased to a sufficient level where the therapeutic effect has been demonstrated”.

Furthermore, on November 27, 2020, a press release was issued by Keio University School of Medicine stating that “one hour of daily hydrogen inhalation balances the autonomic nerves and exerts an antihypertensive effect”. The Press release also suggested that hydrogen inhalation by Inhaler H2JI1 has a preventive effect on hypertension, arteriosclerosis, stroke, and cardiovascular disease.

Press Release by Keio University School of Medicine

In response to the Press release, Doctors Man started a hydrogen inhalation service with inhaler H2JI1 at fitness clubs, not only for medical treatment of sick people, but also for spreading hydrogen inhalation to healthy people, aiming to expand varieties of hydrogen healthcare services.

“Hydrogen Gas Inhaler” FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

A.No. The inhaled gas is hydrogen gas, which is not harmful to human body.
Additionally, the hydrogen gas generated by our inhaler is not high pressure gas, and thus it is not identified as hazardous or dangerous material.

A.By inhaling, blood hydrogen concentration rises. With Doctors Man’s Hydrogen Gas Inhaler, hydrogen concentration in the body reaches saturation in 5 minutes. There are effects on removing active oxygen and anti-inflammatory by intake of hydrogen gas.

For details, please refer to “Why does hydrogen have such an effect?” above in this page.

The effects on hydrogen gas have been reported are lifestyle-related diseases, atopic dermatitis, hay fever, immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, respiratory diseases such as asthma and tobacco lung, depression, dementia, stroke, and cardiopulmonary arrest, neurological diseases such as post-syndrome, subarachnoid hemorrhage, traumatic injury due to blast shock waves, myocardial infarction, chronic kidney disease, cancer, sepsis, hemorrhagic shock, etc.

A.In order to intake hydrogen gas effectively, we suggest to inhale as long as you are available.

In accordance with medical research by Keio University, inhalation of hydrogen gas with our inhaler has shown that hydrogen concentration in body can reach saturation in 5 min.

Even when you are too busy to have enough time, we highly recommend to take few minutes to inhale per day as possible as you can.

Continuous inhalation (for several hours) is recommended for acute situations.

Doctors Man Hydrogen Gas Inhaler can be used continuously for 24 hours x 365 days. And therefore, you can even use it while working on the desk or while resting on the bedside.

A.The effect varies according to each individual’s physical condition and thus there’s no general answer. But some people feel the effects at the same day after inhaling.

A.You cannot use tap water. Please use designated high-purity pure water. You cannot use tap water or mineral water with this Inhaler.

A.We highly recommend to replace the Deionizer bag every 6 months after use.

A.Water tank capacity is 2.5L

A.Please drain purified water from the tank every 2 months after use.

A.Doctors Man’s ”Hydrogen Gas Inhaler” is manufactured and inspected in Japan.

A.Dissolved hydrogen water’s concentration is about 1.0ppm. This concentration will be gradually decreasing and all hydrogen shall escape from water after 1 hour. Please drink it while the concentration is high.

A.As mentioned on “Features” in this page…

  • 99.999%(Five-Nines) Hydrogen Purity
  • 100% Titanium Electrolysis Cell (PEM)
  • Flow Rate : 250ml/min – 700ml/min
  • 24/7 (24hours x 365days) continuous usage
  • No idle time to inhale hydrogen
  • User friendly interface
  • Medical : Clinical study conducted by Keio University – Japan
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