Spahare / FLSP-14

Hydrogen Generator for Bath

H2 Spahare
Hydrogen Generator

Hydrogen generator mainly for bathing purpose.
Press the operation button and simply put inside the tub.


Concentration: 1.6ppm
Water-proof, IPX8 certified,.
Hydrogen Rich Bath: ready within 20min.
Anti-corrosive pure titanium substrates with platinum coating.
Zero o-zone generated.

Hydrogen Generater
Hydrogen Generater
Hydrogen Generater
Hydrogen Generater
H2 Spahare
Hydrogen Generator for Home SPA – “Spahare”
ModelFLSP-14, Blue / FLSP-14, Pink
DimensionMain unit: Diameter 200mm / Height 75.5mm
WeightMain unit: Approx 1,480g
Package size228mm(W) / 228mm(D) / 130mm(H), 2.43kg
Rated VoltageMain Unit: 18.5VDC
AC/DC Adapter for Main Unit: 100-240VAC
Rated Frequency50-60Hz
Hydrogen GenerationElectrolyzation method
Applicable Temperature of Bath Water20-43deg.C
Accessories includedAC/DC Adapter, Ring Cover Opener

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