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Pioneer of Hydrogen Products in Japan
– for people’s better body and long life –

As a pioneer company in the hydrogen industry, Doctors Man not only continuously challenge the world’s latest technological difficulties to develop new products, but also having supported other companies to upgrade their technologies in recent years.

Our mission is to continuously develop the world’s top technologies based on scientific facts and medical research, to promote hydrogen industry development, contributing to human health with more effective products.


CEO – Sou Hashimoto

“Hydrogen, with its antioxidant properties, becomes a key player in promoting health.”

” I want to ensure that patients can regularly consume hydrogen water.”

These words, received from a physician, marked the beginning of the Doctors’ Man initiative.

Guided by the company’s foremost mission to create an environment where high-concentration hydrogen water is affordable and can be consumed correctly, we embarked on the development of our unique hydrogen water server.
Since then, as pioneers in the field of hydrogen therapy, we have continually researched and developed various technologies to improve our products and expand our lineup based on customer feedback and diverse applications.

Currently, our Hydrogen productss are installed in various locations, including fitness clubs, hospitals, clinics, offices, factories, construction sites, stores, and even professional sports venues, steadily spreading the network of hydrogen water stations.
In recent years, hydrogen’s effectiveness for health has become increasingly established academically through numerous clinical studies and research papers.
Taking these circumstances as a foundation, we consider them as evidence and, as a company, are fully committed to promoting the use of hydrogen for medical and lifestyle purposes.

While Hydrogen is utilized and spread rapidly and widely around the world, we believe our role is to develop and manufacture the products based on scientific facts (evidence based medicine)”
We are also committed to cooperating with Development Center of Keio University School of Medicine, and intend to expand high-quality products around the world.
We will continue to work together as a company to drive product development that meets the demand for hydrogen applications in various fields and contribute to the further dissemination of hydrogen
The heartfelt sentiments of the aforementioned physician have fueled our passion, and by giving shape to that passion, Doctors’ Man has gradually grown as a company.
Believing in a future where everyone around the world can be consistently healthy and live longer, we will continue to embrace challenges in our pursuit of growth and success.

Doctors Man Co.,ltd.
Sou Hashimoto

Doctors Man Co.,ltd. CEO Sou Hashimoto


Company nameDoctors Man Co., Ltd.
CEOSou Hashimoto
CapitalJPY 10,000,000
Head Quarter

Leaf Utsukushigaoka Building 2F, 2-14-5 Utsugushigaoka Aoba-ku
Yokohama city, Kanagawa 225-0002
TEL:045-905-2330 FAX:045-904-1138

Kansai Branch Office / Kansai Factory

721 Myohoji, Higashiomi city Shiga 527-0046

Technical Center

477 Ugawa Ryuou-cho Gamou, Shiga 520-2562

Maintenance Center

5-10-4 Utsugushigaoka, Aoba-ku, Yokohama city, Kanagawa 225-0002

Group Company

Kagla Vaportech Corporation1-2-1 Tachibana-cho,
Amagasaki City, Hyogo 661-0025
TEL: (81) 6 6429 2696

  • 1. Development and research of hydrogen utilization products in the medical and preventive fields.
  • 2. Manufacturing, sales and rental
  • 3. Antarctic krill extract
Certification / Registration
  • ●Certification number 111270252 for Highly Controlled Medical Device sales and leasing business
  • ●Company with Excellent Health Management (Approved by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
  • ●Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Smart Life Project Member
  • ●Chief Health Officer concept promotion office
Participating groups
  • ●Yokohama Chamber of Commerce
  • ●Functional Water Foundation
  • ●Japanese Biomedical Society for MolecularHydrogen
  • ●Care Industry Study Group
Joint research institution
  • ●Keio Gijuku University Medical School
  • ●Showa University Medical School
  • ●Kitazato University Veterinary Medicine
  • ●Yokohama Pharmacy University


2005Founded in 2005
Supported the establishment and operation of facilities related to medical institutions
2006Started manufacturing hydrogen water server at the request of a dialysis doctor
2008Developed domestic type Hydrogen water server “SUISOS”
2009Developed commercial type Hydrogen water server “Plus me aqua”
Started leasing business mainly to fitness clubs
2013Opened Kansai branch office
2014Developed Hydrogen gas injector “DAYS” and started leasing business
2015Developed table top domestic type Hydrogen water generator “Mariage(Plus H)
“DAYS” Hydrogen dissolving system registered as patent
Becomes a member of Functional Water Foundation
Becomes a member of Care Industrial Study Group
Approval of management innovation plan
2016Awarded KNBC Prize, Visitor Prize from Kanagawa Business Audition
Developed commercial Hydrogen water vending machine “H2neo”
Developed commercial Hydrogen water vending machine “H2JAPAN”
Established Kansai factory
“H2JAPAN” Hydrogen concentration measurement technology registered as patent
2017“H2JAPAN” “H2neo”Hydrogen dissolving system registered as patent
2018Hydrogen water generator’s hydrogen generation method (DM Cell) registered as patent
Register as Chief Health Officer concept promotion office
2019Developed commercial Hydrogen water vending machine “H2 so-nano
Developed tea dispensing type Hydrogen water vending machine “Kenchaki
Awarded as “Superior Entrepenuer” Kanagawa Business Audition
Approved as “Company with Excellent Health Management” by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
2020Awarded as “Superior Entrepreneur” Kanagawa Business Audition
Approved as “Company with Excellent Health Management” by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
Approved as Highly Controlled Medical Device sales and leasing business
Launched “Hydrogen gas inhaler


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