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Hydrogen Healthcare
– from a Business Perspective –

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Expand your business with our cutting-edge hydrogen health products.

We are looking for dynamic and reliable partners to help us revolutionize the healthcare industry
by distributing and marketing our state-of-the-art hydrogen products globally.

If you have expertise in sales, marketing, or customer service, and a strong network in the healthcare sector,
this is your chance to join a game-changing initiative.

Together we make a difference in health and wellness together.

Reach out now to explore this exciting opportunity and discover how we can create healthier lives together!

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Hydrogen is a very attractive gas.
In recent years, with the demand for next-generation decarbonized energy, the use of hydrogen as a fuel has been widely studied.

Yet use as fuel is only one aspect. Hydrogen also has various unique properties other than that.
Among those is the excellent antioxidant action of hydrogen.

Hydrogen is harmless to the human body when inhaled as a gas or consumed in hydrogen-rich water, contributing to healthcare in various forms.
However, because it is something we consume on a daily basis, technology that generates high-quality, safe hydrogen is essential.
Doctors Man offers a range of products to ensure people can efficiently and safely consume high-quality hydrogen.

Would you like to sell Doctors Man’s high quality products, designed and manufactured with Japanese technology in your country as an agent?
Doctors Man welcomes partners to jointly promote our healthcare business, which interests people across a wide range of generations.

Advantages of Hydrogen healthcare business
  • Health management is a concern of all people and an industry that is not affected by economic trends.
  • The potential of hydrogen is unknown and will receive more attention in the future.
  • Since it is a relatively new industry, you can develop your business as a pioneer.
  • Verification of effects through academic papers in the medical field.
Business suitable for
  • Those who have business network with Medical and Health care industry.
  • Those who want to do B to C business.
  • Those who want to distribut Made-in-Japan products.
Target buyers
  • Medical / Health care industry.
  • Beauty salon.
  • Office welfare for health management of the workers.
  • Individuals.
Business models
  • Hydrogen health care station.
  • Medical treatment.
  • Athlete Health Management.
  • Improving racehorse performance.
Sample images of Hydrogen health care business in Japan

Image of hydrogen inhalers at hospital

Image of hydrogen inhalation at a hospital

Image of hydrogen inhaler and a medical doctor at anti-aging treatment clinic

Image of diabetes clinic staffs with compact size hydrogen inhaler

Imade of treatment hydrogen inhalation room at diabetes clinic to promote antioxidant action

  • Hydrogen treatment room at a hospital.
  • Hydrogen inhalation for Anti-aging.
  • Hydrogen treatment room at a diabetes clinic.
Image of hydrogen inhalation service at Chiropractic
Image of Chiropractic treatment room with hydrogen
Hydrogen inhalation at a Fertility Clinic
Image of hydrogen inhaler at a Physiotherapy clinic
Image of hydrogen inhalation at a Physiotherapy clinic
  • Chiropractic treatment room with hydrogen inhalers for visitors.
  • Hydrogen inhalation treatment at a Fertility Clinic.
  • Hydrogen inhaler at a Physiotherapy clinic.
Image of hydrogen treatment at a dentist to reduce inflammation
Image of dentist staffs with compact size hydrogen inhaler
Image of Gastroenterology Clinic staffs with compact size Hydrogen Inhaler
Image of Hydrogen Inhaler at am Acupuncture Clinic
Image of Acupuncture Clinic hydrogen treatment room
  • Hydrogen treatment at a dentist to reduce inflammation.
  • Gastroenterology Clinic staffs with compact size Hydrogen Inhaler.
  • Acupuncture Clinic hydrogen treatment room.
Image of hydrogen service at a beauty salon
Image of hydrogen water vending machine at a fitness club
Image of hydrogen inhalers at a fitness club lounge
Image of hydrogen gas injector for physical management of athletes
Image of hydrogen water generator at an organic cafe
  • Hydrogen service at a beauty salon.
  • Hydrogen water vending machine at a fitness club members.
  • Hi-concentration hydrogen gas injector for physical management of athletes.
  • hHydrogen water generator at an organic cafe for customers.
Starting up business of Hydrogen healthcare?

Above are the sample cases in Japan but there should be much wider range of demands in each countries.
Some people buy for their own health management but many more people will invest to start healthcare business.
And medical workers will get interested by knowing uniqueness of Hydrogen on academic papers.
We are here to support you with our know-how and share information.
If you are interested, please feel free to contact Doctors Man Global for more to discuss!
Working with you would be our great joy!


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